My Phil 4:8 Version of 2020

The following is from Natasha:

My Phil 4:8 version of 2020… One of my mentors started this and so I wanted to share mine as well.

Think on these things :

  • God moved us to one of the only countries in the world that was able to contain and eliminate the coronavirus in early 2020.
  • Skyla was able to enter a Taiwanese school halfway into the school year and passed her mandarin (Zhuyin & Traditional Characters) and Taiwanese classes with flying colors.
  • God lead us to 2 amazing preschools for our little ones. The teachers have become our friends and we have been able to share the gospel with them. Our little ones have been loved and cared for, taught so so much, excelled in their Chinese, and adjusted to the Taiwanese food and culture after only a year in their programs! Praise the Lord for His leading in this area! Most schools in our area are completely full and yet He prepared for them these vacancies!
  • God allowed us to start a brand new church in a new city where we knew absolutely NO ONE in the middle of a pandemic! Hallelujah! 
  • God gave me the opportunity to start a Bible study with stay-at-home moms in a small community in Taoyuan city. 
  • God used the people in our church to give us a burden for an area we had never heard of and ended up leading us to move the church there.
  • We received multiple visa extensions to stay in Taiwan during the outbreak which gave us time to settle in and prepare our brand new baby church for a necessary visa trip to the States. 
  • God sent me 2 friends right after Chinese New Year. I had specifically prayed for this. One unbelieving, one believing. Two ladies to disciple in totally different ways. One to salvation and one beyond it. Both have encouraged me and taught me so much about Taiwan… the culture, the language, how to live and eat and cook and play just like them… Again, I prayed for this. 
  • God miraculously healed our pastor in the States! 
  • Our teammates from China were granted visas to Taiwan and were able to help our family and church for several months! 
  • God gave us unexpected time with family and friends, many of whom we hadn’t seen in years, including our pastor who had just been miraculously healed, our yokefellows John and Sandy Pearson, and our mentors, Mark and Amy Coffey.
  • We were able to spend time with one of our supporting churches in Tennessee. We got to know many of their people personally, and our children were able to build relationships as well. We were so so blessed by our time there! Jana Grubbs Wilkerson, we absolutely love your church and family! 
  • We were able to make some of the most amazing memories with our family despite the virus. 
  • God gave us the most precious moments with Mark’s grandfather, Carl, while he was still healthy. 
  • We were able to stay healthy ourselves and did not catch the virus during our trip to the States
  • We received our visas for Taiwan at the perfect timing!
  • Taiwan did not require us to have Covid testing done before returning which saved us a lot of stress.
  • We were only confined to our house for 2 weeks of the entire year! 
  • God grew our church even in our absence (while in the States).
  • God saved 3 moms in my Bible study!  
  • God allowed our church to have the finances to take on our first missionaries! 
  • My children’s Sunday School class outgrew its classroom.
  • God allowed us to have our first baptism service in Taiwan.
  • God allowed us to have a wonderful Christmas in Taiwan making so many special memories… this was after a very difficult holiday season last year (It was cold too!!!!! #anotheranswertoprayer).
  • God gave us the most special relationship with a family he sent to our church. They have become some of our best friends in the world and they have only known us for less than a year. Only God could do this!
  • I had the privilege of watching God absolutely transform one of my Taiwanese friend’s lives.
  • We had enough saved believers to have our first Christmas candlelight service where we received the Lord’s Supper together.
  • We, in the last week of the year, found a rental house in Taoyuan City. It was nothing short of a miracle. There were no rentals available with enough space for our family in the area we felt called to. But God made a way! And we found the most beautiful place for our family to call home for the rest of this term!
  • God healed my heart. Leaving China was one of the most difficult times of my life. The pain and grief felt unbearable. I couldn’t understand what God was doing. And while I still don’t understand it all… I’m in awe of all God did to prove Himself to us this year. To show His loving Kindness to us. I cry thinking about how amazing this year has been. And that is no exaggeration. 2020 will be a year I absolutely never forget… and not because of a worldwide pandemic. 2020 is a year in which I saw God work miracle after miracle right before my eyes… the memories of this year are ones I will keep in my heart forever 

How was your Phil 4:8 version of 2020? 

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