Proverbs 5:1-27 Wisdom’s Warning: Sexual Sin Is Really Dangerous

Memory Verse: Proverbs 5:21

5:1-6 Don’t Be Enticed Into Sexual Activity (Outside Of Marriage)

  • 5:1 The father continues his admonition to his children to pay attention (attend) to the wisdom he is sharing with them and to “bow (incline) thine ear to my understanding (insight)”—together meaning pay attention and listen up! Why? So that you may regard (keep, maintain, observe, preserve) discretion—the trait to judge wisely and objectively; and so that your lips may keep (guard, preserve, reserve) knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge should be part of who we are, what we say, and what we do. Our guarded speech should remind us of what is wise and true but also serves an indicator when we see deception coming out of the lips of others, which leads us to the fathers next warning.
    Malachi 2:7
  • 5:3 An Adulteress’ Seduction: The father says, “For the lips of a strange (forbidden, adulterous, loose, immoral) woman drop (drip) as an honeycomb (honey), and her mouth (speech) is smoother than oil”—meaning the speech (and appearance) of one who seeks to sexually tempt others is very attractive, appealing, flattering, persuasive, and enticing. (Note: This type of complimentary and appeasing speech isn’t wrong, but it should only be reserved for true love between spouses, one man and one women, within the marriage covenant. Outside of your marriage relationship it is sinful seduction.)
    Song of Solomon 4:11
  • 5:4-6 An Adulteress’ Deception: The end of this strange women “is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a twoedged sword”—meaning if you give in to this woman and tastes her honey, then you will discover that it isn’t sweet but bitter as wormwood—meaning it will cause suffering; and not smooth but sharp as a double-edged sword—meaning it leads to death. Her feet go down to death and her steps lead to and take hold of hell. Lest you ponder (consider) her path of life—know that her ways are unstable (moveable, wander) and she gives no thought to the way of life. Her paths wander aimlessly that you cannot know them because she does not even know them.

5:7-14 Keep Your Distance—Lest You Sin And Regret It

  • 5:7 The father again addresses his son (children) as to emphasize his point about wisdom and the danger of choosing the wrong path. He tells them to “Hear me now”—meaning pay attention right now to what is being said and do not depart or turn aside from what is being said. Don’t get distracted from the important lessons that are being taught!
  • 5:8 Seduction Prevention—keep your distance: The father continues warning against the strange woman, saying, “Remove thy way far from her”—meaning to keep to a path far away from her and do whatever it takes to be disassociated from such a person; “And come not nigh the door of her house”—meaning don’t go anywhere near her house, don’t even think about approaching her doorway. Stay away and don’t put yourself in a tempting situation to be enticed by her.
    Genesis 39:1-12
  • 5:9 Consequence—loss of dignity: Lest you give your honour (glory, vigor) to others, and your years to the cruel person (a person who wants to inflict pain on you)—meaning the “honour” and “years” were given for our enjoyment, but because of committing this sin both of these things will somehow be damaged, wether it is through loosing a good reputation/name, self-respect or retaliation from the spouse (or family and friends) of the person you committed the sexual sin with. The consequence of this sin often leads to being placed at the mercy of another—don’t do that!
  • 5:10 Consequence—loss of wealth: Lest strangers be filled with your wealth, and your hard-earned goods (labors, toil) go to the house of a stranger (foreigner)—meaning that you may loose everything that you have worked hard to get or all the money, possessions, and good things you have will go into the hands of other people. (This can come through many different avenues today: divorce, job loss, demotion, child support, sickness, etc.)
  • 5:11-14 Consequence—the haunting of regret: At the end of your life you will mourn (groan), when your flesh and body are consumed (spent)—meaning when it is all said and done, you will regret the decision to commit any sexual sin, wether you are pondering your sinful life from old age, or when your body contracts a venereal disease, you will regret it. In your regret you will remember that you got here because of rejecting the wisdom your were taught. You will say: “How have I hated instruction (discipline), and my heart despised (spurned) reproof (correction); and have not obeyed the voice of my teachers (instructors), nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me! I was almost in all evil (on the verge of utter ruin) in the midst of the congregation and assembly (in the sight of everyone).”
    1 Corinthians 6:18

5:15-23 Find Satisfaction In Your Spouse—Ravished With Their Love

  • 5:15-19 Marriage Fidelity: The father continues and uses figurative language to encourage his son to only find sexual satisfaction in the sexual relations with his wife. He tells him to drink waters out of his own “cistern” (place to store water), and to drink running (flowing) water out of his own “well”—signifying a private sexual relationship with his wife. He then asks him if he should let his “fountains” (springs) be dispersed (overflow) abroad, and his “rivers” (streams) of waters be dispersed in the streets (public square)?—Probably signifying that this sexual relationship is no longer private but public, meaning adultery. He answers by saying he should only let “them” (cistern, well,    fountains, rivers) be his own, and not for strangers with you—thus taking it all together would mean that his sexual satisfaction it to only be found in his wife and not another. He then says to let your fountain (spring) be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth—meaning to find joy and happiness in the sexual relationship with the wife you married. He goes into more descriptive details so the son understands the figurative language he is using and teaches him two important lessons:
  • 5:19a Find attraction in your spouse—Let her be as the loving hind (doe—female adult deer) and pleasant (graceful) roe (female mountain goat)—meaning you see her as beautiful and she has your attention.
  • 5:19b Find satisfaction in your spouse—Let her breasts satisfy you at all times, and may you always be ravished (intoxicated, exhilarated, enraptured) with her love.
  • 5:20 Find sanctuary in your spouse—Thus if you are rejoicing with your wife, why would you be ravished with a strange (forbidden, adulterous, loose, immoral) woman and embrace the bosom of a stranger? You shouldn’t, so love your spouse.

5:21-23 The Lord’s Knows—Don’t Be Trapped By Your Own Sin

  • 5:21-23 Do right, even if no one is watching, because God is. Ultimately, we need to remember that the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders (considers, watches, examines) all his goings (paths, conduct). A man of wisdom, knowledge and character understands that God knows all and is watching all and thus wants to glorify and bring him pleasure in all areas of his life.
  • 5:21-23 Your sin will find you out and there are consequences. The iniquities (evil deeds, sin) of the wicked ensnare (take, capture) them—when you sin you are setting a trap for yourself; and you will be held (caught, restrained) with the cords (rope) of your sin. The wicked shall die for lack of instruction (discipline, self-control)—instead of a prolonged life you are seeking a shortened one; and in the greatness of your folly you shall go astray—loose your way morally and your life is turned upside down without knowing what is the right.

Review Questions

  • What is an adulteress’s seduction like?
  • How can you prevent sexual sin?
  • What are some consequences of sexual sin?
  • What is marriage fidelity? You should be ravished with whose love?
  • What is before the eyes of the Lord?

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