Rehoboam was one of those guys that had everything going for him. It didn’t seem like it when he became king because he divided the kingdom (chapter 10). But after that dispute, he went to Jerusalem and began to reign from there. By the time we get to chapter 12 and verse 1 the Bible says “Rehoboam had established the Kingdom.” And anytime we think we are “established” and on top of the world there seems to always come a fall. Those who think they have “arrived” quickly find out that haven’t. The thing that concerns me is that Rehoboam had so much good going for him and yet he still forsook the law of the LORD. So this sends red flags in my mind, that I need to be careful and learn from what took place in Rehoboams life.

Here is what he had going for him:

  • He had authority because he was king (12:13).
  • He has reigning from Jerusalem, the city God chose to put His name there (11:5; 12:13).
  • He built many cities and made them exceedingly strong (11:12).
  • Everyone that wanted to seek and serve God came to Jerusalem and strengthened Rehoboam. (11:16-17)
  • The kingdom was serving God faithfully for three years. (11:17)
  • He had a family with many wives and children. (11:18-21)

It sounds like the perfect setup. He was reining in the city of God, with the people of God, faithfully serving God. What could go wrong? Well, within fives years he became “established.” He got to such a point in his life where he didn’t need to prepare his heart to seek the LORD. He was a success. He had strong cities, everything was going great, he let his guard down, then came the fall.

Wow! How I look at this and see a parallel to the ministry. As a missionary, you are always around the things of God, in the churches of God, the people of God, meeting people wanting to serve and seek God. We are blessed with a great family, and have faithfully served God for many years. All the sudden, we can get to a point where we think we have arrived. Our ministries start to grow and we become “established!” Then we start to think we don’t need to read our Bibles as much, we spend less time in prayer, and stop depending on God. We go down the same road as Rehoboam and we stop seeking God!

“And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the LORD.” (12:14)

Are you and I preparing our hearts to seek the LORD? Seeking God is an action, it is tangible, it is something we do everyday! It is not just going through the routine of being around the right people and in the right place. It is your yearning to know more about God. It is the desire that drives you to read the scriptures and to know Him more, no matter where you are in the levels of success in this life!

No only did Rehoboam fall, but caused all of Israel to fall because he was their leader. As leaders, we need to make sure we are seeking God for ourselves but also because we have those who are following us!

The effects of not seeking God lead to God’s wrath. But Rehoboam and the princes of Israel humbled themselves before the Lord. The Lord turned away his wrath and didn’t destroy them, but they would still be servants of Shishak! (12:6-8)

Prayer: God help me always to seek You and to know You more. Lord, help me to never be established and arrive to a place in the ministry or in my life where I don’t I need You as much as I did the day before. Lord, help to serve and seek You with all the days of my life. Amen!

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