Opposition to the Work of God

When you step out to do something great for God, opposition is going to be there. It is going to come from the outside as well as the inside. In this post I am going to mainly focus on the opposition from the outside, Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem.

Opposition to the work of God…

…Starts when a man of God cast his vision. Nehemiah cast his vision to build the wall (2:17-18) and immediately opposition starts (2:19).

  • Laughed to Scorn – They made fun of them in such a manner that what they were doing was worthless and despicable.
  • Despised – They looked down upon them as if what they set out to do was worthless.
  • Questioned their Motives – They tried to make it seem as if they were doing this simply out of rebellion.

…Will continue during the work of accomplishing your vision. When those that had laughed them to scorn and despised them heard that they were building the wall, their oppositions against them intensified (4:1-3).

  • Wroth – They started to accomplish their vision and it cause a fire of anger to burn inside him that opposed them.
  • Great Indignation – He was so mad, angry, and annoyed that he was provoked to move against them.
  • Mockery – They started to speak against and make fun of what and how they were going to accomplish their vision.
  • Conspired to Hinder – Their anger cause them to make plans to fight against Jerusalem and hinder their work.

…Will be there to the very end, even when you have accomplished your vision. Nehemiah had finished building the wall (except the doors) and you would think the opposition would stop, but it continues (6:1-14).

  • Mischief – They tried to get Nehemiah to come and meet them outside the city but there only reason to do so was to do him mischief and cause trouble.
  • False Prophet – Finally, they try to hire a false prophet to cause Nehemiah to be afraid and cause him to sin, so they could have an evil report against him and bring reproach against him.

So when you set out to do great things for God, know from the time you cast your vision, through the period of accomplishing your vision and after seeing your vision come to fruition there will be opposition. Know it is going to be there but don’t allow it to hinder you! Have faith in God, that your vision comes from Him. Through the opposition go to Him through prayer and rely on Him to bring it about. As Nehemiah said, “The God of Heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build (2:20).”

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