September 2009 Prayer Letter

August was another great month of deputation. We have had several churches vote to partner with us, and we are excited about getting to the field as soon as possible. Here is a review of what has been going on since we started deputation:

  • We have had about 112 meetings.
  • We have travelled over 37,000 miles.
  • We have had meetings in 13 States.
  • We have raised 47% of our support.

We just want to praise the Lord for keeping us safe as we travel, all the blessings we have experienced thus far, the meetings we have booked, the opportunities to preach His Word and present the ministry He has called us to, and all the support that He has brought in! All the glory goes to Him!

August in Review

  • August was our 8th month on full-time deputation.
  • We were able to be in 14 churches and attend 1 event.
  • We added 2 new supporters this month!
  • We are currently at 47% of our support!
  • We traveled 2,315 miles within 3 states: GA, NC, & TN.

Recent Praise: We celebrated our two year anniversary! On August 18th, 2007 at Fellowship Baptist Church in Maryville, TN, I vowed my love to my wonderful wife for the rest of our lives! We have now been married for two years, and I praise God for giving her to me. She has been right there beside me, through many changes and bumpy roads. Now, she is beside me as we head to live (Lord Willing) in China for the rest of our lives!

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayer and financial support!

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