We’re Expecting Again!

There will be four of us leaving for China next year instead of three. We have know for a few weeks now but went to the doctor this past Tuesday for the first time. The due date is June 27th. We are excited about having another baby and praise the Lord for it. (I announced it on Thursday at Vision, which I have been waiting to do for a few weeks, and almost forgot!)

We wanted to leave for China in the Spring, but it looks like we will have to plan for the fall. This will also give us a chance to raise more support that we will need. Everything is in the Lord’s timing!

Pray for my wife, she has been pretty sick this time. Our host family and churches have been great over the past few weeks…thanks for understanding and caring (and keeping it a secret)!

2 thoughts on “We’re Expecting Again!

  1. Cindy Blair

    CONGRATS!!! I'm very happy for you and your family.
    Lord, please bless Natasha with your peace and strength. Give her all that she needs by Your gentle hand during this time. We give You the Glory for this new blessing!!!


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