I Want to Make A Difference and Change Lives

To change lives of those around the world, to know their Creator,
To change the life of the drunk who is laying on the side of the street,
To help the single mother, so her three children can grow up in a Christian home,
To feed those who are in pain of hunger, needing just a little portion of what I eat daily,
To help that kid find a relationship with God, even though he grew up hearing about Him,
To council that next family from getting a divorce,
To stop that next generation from jumping off the bridge,
To keep a life of righteousness as an example to all,
To show the way to the One and Only Christ Jesus,
To stop the next baby from getting aborted,
To help that dad on drugs, not able to support his family,
To keep mom from leaving home and daddy from sleeping around,
To let that next young lady know, it’s ok to be pure,
To let the guy living on the street know there is someone who cares,
To let the world know there is a thing called love,
To help those who are helpless,
To tell the world there is life after death,
To let the world know there is hope for the hopeless.


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