Ordained! What an honor!

What an honor it was to be ordained on Thursday, February 18, 2010 by Vision Baptist Church and the ordination council. What an honor to know that my local church, as well as several other men of God who have been serving in the ministry, recognize me as chosen and empowered by the Holy Spirit to exercise gifts for ministry within the church. Wow, that is humbling! It was an honor to have men testify of the Lord working in my life and ministry, to challenge, encourage, and teach me, and to lay their hands on me as they petition for God’s continued blessing.

The service was not about me, but about the great GOD of heaven who chooses to work and use an unworthy servant as myself. It was a time to ask God to continue to work and fill me with His Holy Spirit and to empower me as I am set apart and ordained for the work of the Gospel ministry.

I was also honored to have four men specifically preach during the service.

  • Mike Gray – my pastor as a child from Ohio, whose ministry I was raised up in.
  • Doug Kraus – my youth pastor from 7th-12th grade who had a tremendous impact on my life.
  • Tony Howeth – a mentor and friend who has challenge my life and taught me through out the years.
  • Austin Gardner – my pastor, mentor and friend who has impacted my life and trained me for the ministry.
  • (Tom Hatley wasn’t able to make it due to health problems, but He was my wife’s previous pastor from TN and is a friend to our family and ministry.)

The service was just one of those services where God moved and that you can’t plan. It was powerful! Also, with our recent news about our child, the service was very emotional. Towards the beginning of the service God’s people started praying around us as Philip sings “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord” which is our hearts desire through out this trying time!

The whole experience was awesome! Here is an quick outline of what happened: from 2-5 we met with many ordained men of God who shared words of encouragement and asked questions, then we ate dinner at 5 and had about an 2 hour service starting at 7 PM. The service was full of preaching, music, worship, and prayer. At the end of the service the ordaining council laid hands on me and prayed over me. Then I was presented with a certificate of ordination and a Chinese Bible both signed by the ordinating council.

Thank you to my friends and family whom came out to be supportive on this special day in my life. Also, thank you Vision Baptist Church and those on the ordination council. Finally, I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry. It is all about Him!

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