Update on our Baby

We went to the doctor today. There is no new news. We got to see our little baby on the ultrasound and hear it’s heart beating. So from here on out, we will be going in for weekly check ups on my wife’s and the Baby’s health. We will be rotating between two doctor’s offices, going to a different one each week. Thank you for your continued prayers during this time.

Also, I put together and gave the a letter to the doctors. Pray the Lord would use it for His glory!

Once again, thank you for your prayers, comments, emails, cards, flowers, and words of encouragement during this time.

2 thoughts on “Update on our Baby

  1. Nancy Beach

    THanks for the update. I woke up numerous times last night with Natasha on my heart. Prayed for God's strength and peace to overwhelm her.


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