Thank You for Your Prayers and Words of Encouragement!

We have been so overwhelmed by the love of God’s people over the past few weeks. We have received so many words of encouragement from our friends, families, church, supporting and non-supporting churches, and people we have never met. I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! Because of social media and the amount of response that we have gotten, it is almost impossible for me to keep up and write everyone back personally who has written or contacted us (I try too). We have recieved phone calls, voicemails, emails, comments on this blog, facebook comments and messages, tweets on twitter, post on other’s blogs and forums, cards and flowers in the mail. Our story has been read in pulpits across america. God’s people are praying and it is making a difference in our lives as God shows Himself strong!

I said all that to say this, If I didn’t write you back personally or very quickly, I do apologize, but it is nothing personal, we just have had tons of response to our situation. But let this serve as a thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement during this time!

Thank you to the churches who are praying for us and those who are praying individually for us, thank you!

1 thought on “Thank You for Your Prayers and Words of Encouragement!

  1. donnabanks

    Hi Mark,
    Greg's cousin son, Elijah, who is a high functioning autistic, came home from his after school LIFT (like teens for Christ) in Springboro telling his mom that he was asked to pray for Mark, his wife and their situation because the speaker was from a church in Carlisle and they asked the kids to pray. Elijah asked his mom if that was you because he had heard me request pray for you all at church. So you have some of the most pure hearts praying for you all.

    We love you!


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