By the Law is the Knowledge of Sin

The Background of the Story
Manasseh reigned fifty-five years and did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord. The Lord even spoke to Manasseh, and he would not hear. It wasn’t until he was in great affliction that he humbled himself. Then, Amon, his son reigned in his stead and worshipped the idols that his father, Manasseh had made. He reigned for two years and then was killed by his servants who conspired against him. So the people of the land made Josiah, Amon’s son to reign. He was only eight years old when he started to reign. When he was sixteen he started to seek after God and when he as twenty he started to purge Judah and Jerusalem from their idols and high places. Next he started to repair the house of the Lord his God.

The Book of the Law
As they were repairing the house, Hilkiah, the high priest, gave Shaphan, the scribe, a book that he had found in the temple. Shaphan read the book before the King and he rent his clothes showing a sign of repentance because it was the book of the law. For at least 65 years Israel had been without the reading of the law and was in sin, worshiping false gods and idols. But when the book of the Law was read, there was an acknowledgement of their sin. There was a holy fear, for Josiah said “great is the wrath of the LORD that is poured out upon us, because our fathers have not kept the word of the Lord, to do all that is written in this book.”

The Work of the Law
The law humbled them and caused them to cry out to God for mercy. That is exactly what that law is to do; it causes sinners to realize their sin against a holy God and turn to Him in repentance. The law is the schoolmaster that leads to Christ. It places a man at the foot of the cross crying out for mercy instead of standing in the back scoffing because he realizes it should have been him on the cross. It allows a man to seem himself as he truly is and then opens his eye to the glorious grace of God.

China and the Law
China may have been without that law for several hundred years now. They may be focused on themselves and have their way of worship or belief, but I know when the law is preached it will bring conviction and when Jesus Christ is lifted high He will draw all men unto himself. Pray with me for the conversion of sinners through the preaching of the law that will be a schoolmaster and bring many to Christ.

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