How Many Christians are there in China?

Everyone wants to know how many Christians are in China. Well Paul Hattaway from Asia Harvest has published the following research on “How Many Christians are there in China?” Click Here to read the entire article.

Here is a summary of the findings for 2010:

Population: 1,355,837,457
Protestants: 82,427,957
Percentage: 6%

A report like this is encouraging and challenging. It is encouraging because it shows that God is doing a work in China, even if just half of the numbers were true. God is working in the largest Nation on earth! It is challenging because there is so much work to be done! There are still so many that have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel!

Also, don’t let a report like this fool you. This report included 21,103,139 catholics, which I didn’t included in the numbers above. The other number is protestant, which basically means anyone who claims to be Christian and is not catholic. Even in America we have thousands of churches who claim to be “Christian” and know nothing of being truly born again.

I was in a three-self church in China and when I asked one of the workers how they knew they were going to heaven, her response was that she was a good person and goes to church every week. She knew nothing of the Gospel!

I think He puts it into a correct perspective when he states the following:

“It is generally agreed that there were 750,000 Protestant believers in the country in 1949, and so even if there are just 30 million now it would represent a 40-fold increase in the nearly six decades of Communist rule. This is extraordinary and should be the cause of much rejoicing and thanks to God. There are very few countries on earth that could claim a similar explosion of faith over a similar length of time.

All discussion of how many Christians there are in China should be tempered by the realization that more than 90 percent of its present population face a Christless eternity. Hundreds of millions of individuals have yet to hear the gospel.” [1]


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