Created for Eternity!

It is interesting how God sends encouragement along the way. Our host family this past week in Ashtabula, OH (which is 12 hours from home) has experienced loosing children, similar to what we are going through. My wife was able to talk with the wife who understands what she is going through to a degree and had a common bond.

The husband was gone all week to TN, but called this evening to encourage us with some of the things God showed him during their trying time. He encourage us with scripture and shared some practical advice on making memories with the baby.

One thing he said that really got me thinking was, he always asked God why He let the baby live just for a few minutes. After doing some research and reading Ephesians 1 he realized that the baby wasn’t created to live for a few minutes but that is was created to live for eternity.

That is powerful if you think about it. I may never get to meet our little one or maybe I will for a few seconds or minutes, but no matter what it will live for eternity.

I think to many times in a box. But our life is just a vapor. It isn’t about this life here and now anyway. It is about eternity with Him, that is what we were created for!

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