Everything You Hear Is True!

Someone once told me that everything you hear about China is probably true.

Because it is so large, one thing could be true in one area and not be true in another. So what do you believe? Who knows!

Everyone interprets data through their own filters as well. (For example, when the church leaders in china who had 50,000 on their membership role got sentenced to prison, many were fearful because of the persecution. I was encouraged that a church could get to 50,000 on roll before getting sentenced to prison.)

Anyways, here are two seemingly conflicting stories about China I found interesting;

Expanding Openness to Christian Faith:

“As many of you have seen in the news and on our blog, amazing changes have been occurring in mainland China over the past couple of decades. Very recent signals continue to point to an expanding openness to Christian faith and practice on the part of governing authorities. While sporadic persecution does still occur throughout the country, there are also massive shifts underway and increasing freedom of worship. We rejoice in these opportunities for the spread of the gospel.”

Source: Desiring God Blog

China’s Christians, endure unimaginable persecution:

“More Christians are in prison or under detention in China than in any other country. House churches (unregistered churches), which make up approximately 90 percent of China’s Christians, endure unimaginable persecution.”


Well… it’s probably all true.

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