Political Involement

There are a lot of different opinions about politics among Christians. I have been thinking about this a lot latley and just came across an article that I thought had some good points to it. As I look at missions, I believe many missionaries get distracted by politics on the mission field and loose sight of their mandate. I pray I can stay on target. Here are the five key points and summary from the article:

1) Political involvement requires time and energy from a pastor {missionary} that should be spent on shepherding the flock of God.

2) Effective politics requires co-belligerency to promote a common cause or resist a common enemy.

3) Political changes, at best, are only superficial and temporary.

4) Political involvement can easily confuse the message of the church.

5) Political engagement often turns the church’s mission field into the enemy.

It’s not that it’s wrong for a Christian to be involved in the political process. Christians in democratic countries have the opportunity to vote, and there are a number of God-fearing Christians throughout the world whom God has chosen to have political careers. But it is wrong for churches and pastors {missionaries} to lose sight of Christ’s mandate in Matthew 28:18-20 and stray from the full-time work of making disciples.

1 thought on “Political Involement

  1. Tom Hatley

    I agree with the article's main thrust. I have had folks try to push me to lead our church to be more “politcally active”. However our mandate is to preach the gospel of the grace of God. Having said this, as a pastor I am to preach the whole council of God. The Word of God has something to say about some “politcal issues” abortion, gay marriage, even gun contol and taxes.


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