Update on our Baby 5-24-10

After our appointment today, we had to make one change in our plans. We will now be going to the hospital in the morning around 9 AM. my wife’s body is ready to start the inducing process.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Also, many have showed concern and had questions about the baby’s condition and treatment. We have not only had a diagnosis from our midwife but also a fetal specialist; both agreed on the condition and treatment of the baby, in which we have peace and are leaving in the Lord’s hands.

(Note: We are receiving many emails, notes on facebook, etc., in which we are grateful for, yet we are not able to write everyone back right away.)

5 thoughts on “Update on our Baby 5-24-10

  1. Paul Johnston Sr

    Dear Mark and Natasha. Please know that the Johnston family's thoughts and prayers are with you. In my humanity I am asking God for an absolute miracle outcome. I know God can do anything. In my spirituality I would not presume to tell God what to do because he sees the end of a matter from the beginning. At times like these we can only go by faith knowing for certain that God loves us and praying for that all sufficient grace and the binding up of broken hearts. We love you all in the Lord and will rejoice if you rejoice and mourn with you if mourning is the temporary outcome. There is a new morning and joy comes in the morning.

  2. Rachel Miller

    No hands are more capable. Though they were pierced, they were never weakened and nothing can pluck you from them. Praying that you will know His peace and comfort.

  3. Kari Showers

    Even now, I am praying. May God's peace completely fill your hearts during this time of sorrow.


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