China Vision & World Vision

Our goal is the World!

Our time, money, resources, and prayers are not only going to be used for China, but we desire them to be used for the World.

We have been called to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and obey the command to take the gospel to the World.

Yes, I believe He is leading us to serve on a local level in the country of China. But may we not be so consumed with our part of the world, that we forget about the rest of the unreached peoples, many who even border China, such as India and North Korea.

Everything from our strategy to the support we raise can’t be used just for me and the city I work in, but needs to be used and designed for maximum benefit and return to reach souls around the world.

It is my prayer that you are not just supporting a missionary in China, you are supporting a movement to take the Gospel all around the world.

I love China, yearn to be their, learn their language, preach the gospel, train men, and start a church. But they, as well as, America, will be responsible to take the gospel to others once they receive it. So China is not the end but a beginning, to enlist even more into the army of God to take the Gospel to the World.

Many churches have an “us” mentality instead of a “they” mentality. They are focused completely on themselves, spend all their money, prayers, and resources on the area right around their church and never think, look at, or care for the heathen.

Missionaries can be the same way and be so consumed with the little area in the world that they are going, that they forget about the whole.

May all of us be consumed with the entire world.

1 thought on “China Vision & World Vision

  1. Jonathan

    This is such a good post brother. Really needed to be said and helped me remember what it's all about. We really appreciate you and will keep you in our prayers.


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