Saying Goodbye for Years!

The thing about missionary life is that you leave, well, everyone. In less than thirty days we will be leaving our family, friends, church family, supporting churches, other missionaries, etc. I don’t really realize it and it is overlooked by being busy and involved in the work, but every once in awhile it hits home.

We have been traveling full time for 18 months now and we “come and go” as we present our ministry in the churches across America. But you never think when you are saying good bye, you are saying goodbye for years! You just think that you will see them again.

We have friends who left on a short term mission trip to Peru some months back and they aren’t scheduled to be back until after we leave. By our next furlough they may be arriving to their field of service, so who knows when we will see them next. The bad thing about having missionaries as friends and being a missionary, is it is hard to see each other if your furloughs don’t line up etc.

We have already said bye to friends and family in Ohio but I will be going back up just for a quick final trip as we have one more meeting up there.

Saying goodbye as a missionary is a little different than just saying goodbye. Yes, we should be able to fly home if there was an emergency, but no we won’t be home for Christmas, thanksgiving, and birthdays parties every year. I guess it is just part of the missionary life, saying “goodbye” probably means goodbye for years!

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye for Years!

  1. Mike

    Bro. Mark, The good news is it is not goodbye “forever”. As Christians we will all see one another again and when we do all those missionary friends will bring all thier converts and you will have all those Chinese converts and all the supporting churches will be there with all their converts and it will all be for HIS GLORY!
    God Bless ,
    Mike Andrews
    Canaan Baptist Church

  2. Charissa

    I've often thought about how hard it must be for missionaries to say “goodbye.” I'll be praying for you all!

  3. Moscowrunner

    True, true. I have long said that saying goodbye doesn't get easier, just more familiar. The amazing thing is that as a missionary it goes both ways, its not just this side of the ocean. You may be surprised how, when those years have passed, how hard it is to say goodbye to those you have been working with in China! It will be like leaving your children behind. You will be anxious as to whether they will stay faithful while you are gone. And will anticipate getting back to them as quickly as possible! A friend of mine once said, “Blessed is the person who has two places they want to be at once.”
    Praying for you guys as you say your goodbyes! So blessed by what God has done in your lives since Vision Tour '06! (seems like forever ago!) Looking forward to seeing what He will do in the future! He is so faithful!
    Rachel Miller


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