August 2010 Prayer Letter

We will be leaving, Lord willing, for the field in just a few days on Tuesday, August 10th. This is the last prayer letter that we will write before leaving for the field, and it is exciting to think that we will be reporting in the next one from the field!

We have enjoyed the past 19 months of deputation. Many churches have been so good to us and continue to be. We have been in over 200 churches, traveled over 90,000 miles, and been in multiple states presenting the work and preaching the Word of God. What a privilege it is to serve the King of Kings!

Support & Setup Fund
We have over 90% of our support and need about 6 more churches to partner with us to reach our first support goal.

It has been humbling to see many one time gifts come in recently to help with our setup fund and moving to China. Many churches have given generously, taken up special offerings, and/or designated their VBS offerings for our family and ministry. Because of this we have most of our setup fund raised! Thank you!

Prayer Request
We ask that you will continue to pray for us in the following ways:

  • Pray that we will get everything taken care of before we leave.
  • Pray for safe traveling as we will be on three different flights before we arrive at our destination.
  • Pray we can find a place to live and all the things we need to get our house setup and relocation complete.
  • Pray for our language learning. Our goal is to start language school as soon as we get everything setup.

It is exciting to be a part of what the Lord is doing! Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

July in Review

  • July was our 19th month on full-time deputation.
  • We were able to be in 12 churches.
  • We added 5 more supporters and ended the month at 90%
  • We traveled about 2,901 miles and were in 5 states: GA, FL, NC, SC, & OH.

2 thoughts on “August 2010 Prayer Letter

  1. Truman and Mary Ruth Frye

    We will be praying for you and your family and as you go to your field, get settled in, and learn the language.

    Truman and Mary Ruth Frye


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