The Search Was On!

31 places, 8 days, a dozen realtors = Our Home (well maybe)! We have been in China over a week now and most of our time has been spent looking for a place to live. It has been an interesting process. We are blessed to have Jake and some of the guys from the church here to help us out, so we are not on our own.

When you look at the city, you just think to yourself, “where do I start? This place is so big.” So the search began the day after we arrived and the guys already had some places lined up. We did everything from looking on the internet, walking around the city looking for “for rent” signs, and visiting almost any realtor that we saw.

It took us eight days and we looked at 31 places to rent. We saw houses that were in the really nice part of town and houses that were not in the nicest part of town. We saw big places and small places. Finished places and places still under construction. Some where overly decorated and furnished places to places that were bare to the unpainted cement walls and floors. Some were expensive and some were really cheap. We saw apartments and villas. Places close and places far. 1st floor apartments to the 26th floor. The search was on.

On the seventh day we drove to a different part of the city we hadn’t been yet and saw a few building that looked nice, so we headed over there to find a realtor. It was there we found a place that would work. It is going to take some minor construction and repairs to fix the place us, but it works and it is in a great neighborhood. The place should be ours on Tuesday (which explains the “well maybe” above).

Though it is tiring to look for a place to live, basically nonstop for 8 days, it was great to see all the different parts of the city, to see what the city has to offer, to see how many of the Chinese setup their homes, and to see the largeness of the city. There is such a great need of the Gospel here, “for greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city.”

3 thoughts on “The Search Was On!

  1. Bush

    Glad you are finding a place to stay brother. We are excited for you all to begin unraveling the blessings the Lord has stored for you.

    A great piece of advice that Bro. Austin gave us and we are thankful for, was to place the last picture on the wall before jumping into the ministry. As men, we are excited to get going, but for your wife it is very important to make sure you have a house furnished before “running off” into the ministry.

    God bless greatly friend.

    Here to serve,

  2. Tony Howeth

    We love you and are praying for you. Glad you have found a place….maybe. Give our love to the family and know that you guys are loved and missed. We know God is and will use you greatly. We love you guys.


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