Twinkle Linkle Little Star

Ava loves to sing the song “twinkle twinkle little star” or in her words “twinkle linkle star.” To see her in China you would think she is a “little star” with the Chinese people singing the second line of the song “how I wonder what you are!” Our city, apparently,  is not used to seeing many “white” kids and many of the Chinese are amazed to see her. Almost anywhere we go, Ava draws a crowd. They say she looks like a living baby doll with her white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She gets treated like a movie star. It was interesting at first but now it is kind of annoying. People surround her with their cell phone cameras trying to take her picture or they want their picture taken with her. Random people just want to hold her and/or touch her skin. She gets random free gifts from people and she is constantly told how beautiful she is.

Recently, at McDonald’s people walking by could see her through the glass window and would stop and stare at her or come inside and sit down to watch her eat (not ordering anything themselves).

All this attention is almost too overwhelming for her now, so when people come around she just puts her hands over her eyes and tries to hide.

3 thoughts on “Twinkle Linkle Little Star

  1. Dave and Lynette

    That is very interesting! Little ones definitley get much attention while in public, but to that extent would, I agree, be annoying. Glad you have good attitudes about it. Who knows how God will use it to open doors…..

    Blessings to you all
    Dave and Lynette Weirich, Harvest Baptist, Clyde, OHIO

  2. Jbagwell

    My wife and I went through the same thing with our daughter, and I can tell you only that among friends it will eventually stop, but in public among strangers, foreign children will always get such attention. Cell phone camera users are the toughest to tolerate as they are probably not just taking pictures but also video which they will post online. The best thing we found was that having someone, usually a Chinese friend, with us usually did the trick. The Chinese friend would run interference for us subtly and without drawing any attention or making them or us feel bad. – John and Kay Bagwell – Missionaries to China 2000-2008

  3. Thpreach

    That is interesting and I am sure overwelming, but what an opportunity to wittness or atleast give a gospel tract.


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