100 Second Traffic Light

Our main mode of transportation currently are taxis. Usually, we walk from our fifth floor apartment to the road and wait for a taxi at the street. Then after several minutes usually we get a taxi and head to our destination. The first light we come to is at the corner of our road. It is a 100 second light! There is a big timer by the traffic light that has a countdown that starts as soon as the light turns.

I couldn’t help but think of the death rate counters that represent souls going off into eternity. I did the math and during the time that we sit at the light and simply wait for it to turn green so we can go on our way, 29 people in China pass into eternity. Using the highest percentage of Christianity in China that is reported would mean that only 2 of those would claim to be Christian and 27 would perish in Hell for all eternity. Every 100 seconds, 29 people die in China, most go to hell, many have never heard.

Lord, here am I…use me!

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