October 2010 Prayer Letter

Time is flying by here in China. We are now settled into our apartment and are starting to get into a normal routine of life as we learn how things work here. The cold weather has already started and we had our first snow this month. This is definitely a new adjustment for us.

As we stated in our last prayer letter, it was our goal to start language school at the end of last month and we were able to do that. We are now in language school full time and have had about three weeks of classes so far. Learning Chinese is going to be a long and tedious process. Though we are excited and encouraged to be working harder than ever to learn this language so we can minister to this people and make the name of Jesus known.

Right now our main ministry is learning the language. So most of our time is spent learning. Tuesday through Saturday we are in language school from 8-12. Each class consist of going through that days lesson and us speaking about 80% of the time (we each have an individual teacher).

Even though most of our time is spent learning, we have had small opportunities to make friends and build relationship. There has been a young couple that even came to church for the very first time. Pray that they would realize their sin, the need of a Saviour and accept the gift of salvation!

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support! Here are few praises and prayer request for you to take before the Lord:


  • We are setup for the most part and language school is underway!
  • We have had more churches and people partner with us!

Prayer Request:

  • Salvation: The salvation of those we meet and are building relationships with.
  • Language Learning: Your continued prayers are appreciated as we learn to listen, speak, read, and write all over again!
  • Setup Fund: We had most of our funds raised and have purchased most of the items in our setup fund, but are still in need to be able to purchase a vehicle in the near future.

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