Before moving to China we heard of China’s “growth and great economy.” Now that we live inside of China we can definitely see this to be true. I don’t know if I have ever been to a city with such growth taking place (well maybe Atlanta, they had a lot of growth before the economy fell, though this is still on a much larger scale). There is construction everywhere. New skyscrapers are being built. Old buildings are being fixed up. Slums are being replaced with gigantic apartment buildings. It just seems that where ever you go in this already large city, there is more growth taking place. It really is a sight to see. For example, you can go to the top of my 17th floor apartment building and look out from the roof and see dozens if not hundreds of cranes. I think I counted up to at least a hundred of them and there were still more.

We live right across from an apartment/shopping mall that is being built and they work morning and night. I am not sure if they ever take a brake. They build temporary “villages” for the workers that are constantly on the move. Even on holidays you see someone over there working on something.

Not only are they building new buildings but are putting in a subway system underneath the city and installing hundreds of new roads.

So is China growing? In our city the answer is a definite yes!

So where does this leave you? Growth is usually a door of opportunity. It is a wave that many can ride to their benefit. Growth means people. We want to invite you to come and get in on the ground floor of this growth. Not in the materialist, money sort of way. But on the ground floor of the what God is doing and going to do in this growing country! Would you being willing to leave the comforts of America and move to a not as comfortable, not as convenient, not as clean, city and catch the wave of growth to see souls reached with the Gospel!?

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