Things that are Different!

Since we do live in a new culture there are many things that are just “different.” In this post I am not saying that these things mentioned are better or worse than any other (though they may be one or the other), just trying to point out things that they are “different” than what we are use too. They are just simple observations of new things that are part of our amazing journey.

Here we go:

  • Living on the 5th Floor in a 17 floor apartment building!
  • Walking in, weaving through, dodging and ‘almost getting hit by’…cars, buses, trucks, and bicycles.
  • Dust, dust, and more dust! (“don’t face the wind” | “didn’t we just dust that”)
  • Dancing on the street. Mass groups of people (mainly older people, and even more so, older women) doing some kind of synchronized dance on the street.
  • Taxies, our current way of transportation…“出租车 chūzūchē”
  • Snow & Cold Weather! Well it is not super cold yet, but it has definitely started getting colder earlier than we are used to and snowed at the beginning of October.
  • Noodles, noodles, and noodles! When you think of Chinese food, you think of rice. When we think of Chinese food, we think of noodles.
  • My daughter, “the living baby doll,” having her own fan club of, hmmm, just about everyone we see.
  • Riding an elevator everyday.
  • Taking your shoes off whenever you go into someone’s house. (Including your own, because of the dust!)
  • Floor Heat (aka community heat). They choose when to turn it on and when to turn it off. We have no control over it, so our house is more than toasty.
  • Churches: not a noticeable church building on every corner. (We need laborers!)
  • Jesus: not a common knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and what He did. (Will you come over and help?)

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3 thoughts on “Things that are Different!

  1. C Littlefield

    Good write up Mark. I would not have thought it woud be dusty there, thats interesting. Ohhh the dance the old ladies are doing…. most likely country line dancing or the macarena.

    1. Mark (China Ramblings!)

      Dust – a lot of construction and I heard they use sand in stead of salt in the winter to put on the roads.

      Dancing – actually some of it looks a lot like line dancing.


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