November 2010 Prayer Letter

Each passing day that I read the Word of God and it does a work in my life, the more I desire to be able to communicate the truth of God’s word. Someone asked me if I liked learning languages. I thought about it and my answer was “not really.” I don’t really enjoy learning languages just for a hobby. But I do love to communicate. And in my circumstance, that means I must learn a new language. I want to, I have to, I need to communicate. I have a message to share, a gospel to preach, and truth to reveal.

With that being said, we are continuing to study each week. At times, it seems like we are moving forward and other times it seems the goal is so far off. The passion is burning inside of us to be able to speak this language that the millions of people around us speak. Will you continue to pray for our family as we learn Chinese?

At the end of last month (and the beginning of this month) we planned a trip to South Korea in order to renew our visas. We were able to spend a couple days in the city of Seoul. It seemed to be a city of money, religion, and materialism; but yet, still in great need of solid bible preaching and teaching churches. It like many cities in China was a cement jungle overflowing with people in every direction. Oh, if more men would surrender their lives to reach the enormous Asian cities with the Gospel, how many more would be glorifying Christ? Will you surrender your life and see what the Lord would have you to do?

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support! Here are few praises and prayer request for you to take before the Lord:


  • We were able to safely and successfully travel to South Korea and back to renew our Visas.
  • We received more support last month!
  • We completed our first month of language school.

Prayer Request:

  • Continue to prayer for souls to be saved!
  • Our family as we are learning Chinese and that we can soon start to communicate the truths of God’s Word!
  • Funds to be able to purchase a vehicle in the near future.

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