Snow Removal = Manpower

It has snowed a few times since we have been here. Each time it never really accumulated to anything except for this last time. It snowed and we got a good 4-6 inches of snow on the ground. But that doesn’t stop this city! They just act like nothing happened and keep on going. (Unlike our hometown where just the forecast of snow causes things to shut down.)

It is a beautiful sight to watch it snow in such a large city where everything is not so beautiful. But once it stops snowing you only have a short time before the clean white snow turns to a dirty brown snow…due to the millions of people walking and the cars and buses that fill the streets.

An interesting thing we started noticing was how they removed the snow. We are used to large snow plows and salt everywhere in the States. But here they do things a little different. Manpower is the preferred method of snow removal. For the next couple of days it seemed there were people on every road and side walk shoveling the snow into piles, people with picks chipping away at the ice, and others with wicker-like brooms sweeping the snow, all trying to clear the way. Trucks of all sorts and sizes would come by the piles of snow so neatly made and others would shovel them into the bed of the trucks to be hauled away. I am not exactly sure what they do with all the dirty snow, but away it goes.

Too bad they didn’t wait a few days longer because it warmed up and everything started melting!

And in case your wondering what the Chinese word for snow is, here you go:  xuě 雪 (snow).

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