Language Evaluation | Month 2

1) Still convinced this is going to be a long process. I am committed for the long haul.

2) Memorization seems to be getting quicker as things are getting more familiar. Found it best to memorize with someone so they can stop any bad habits from forming as the correct me while I am memorizing. It also makes it more fun to have someone help you instead of doing it on your own.

3) I have had some small victories during the second month though I still have a long way to go. By the end of the month I was able to:

– Order drinks over the phone to the small store in our complex. I can better tell them what I want than understand them when they respond back to me. Also, I have some trouble trying to get the right measure word for the right amount/type of drinks.

– Slowly expand my vocabulary.

– Have a short limited conversation with people about me studying Chinese and my/their family.

4) Understanding pinyin more. Starting to be able to write the right word when someone says it with the write spelling but still have problems distinguishing: x/sh, q/ch, and j/zh.

5) Tones are a work in progress with more problems understanding the 2 and 3 tone. When Speaking, I can get the tone right for the most part on a single word, but when it comes to combinations and speaking a sentence, not so much!

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