The Unseen!

In China, things are not always as they seem. When driving down the road or walking on the sidewalk there is so much unseen activity that is happening. You can be standing at an intersection or walking down the sidewalk and underneath could be a whole world in itself (much like a busy ant farm with many tunnels underground). You leave the some what busy streets and walk down a set of stairs to this new world full of people, stores, and restaurants; while the world above ground is unaware of what is happening below.

Or you could be looking at the different buildings as you ride in a taxi and wondering what’s inside. You stop at a building that is very unappealing, but you decided to walk through a double door entrance that seems like it could be a back or side door and it opens up to another whole world taking place that is completely unseen from outside.

It is mind-blowing to think off all that is taking place that is simply unseen. Every time we go to a new market or cross the street underground it seems like you walk into a new part of the city that is hidden. Then you realize this hidden world isn’t so hidden because of the crowds of people that fill the place.

This is just a reminder to me that our task is huge. More then we can see. More than we even realize. More than we can comprehend. A task that calls on us (me) to be in humble reliance on the God who can see all.

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