Quoting a Two-Year-Old

I can related to how a two-year-old can talk and tries to describe things with their limited vocabulary and understanding of how the language works, since I am on the level of a one-year-old in Chinese. For this reason, it seems, I have paid more attention to what my two-year-old says. She mocks things that she hears and thinks of things on her own. She uses what she knows and has a mind of her own. It is awesome as a parent to watch her progress along and be able to express herself through speaking to us. And of course, along the way she says a lot of things that makes us smile and keeps us laughing; which helps take the stress off of learning our new language.

I thought it would be fun to give some quotes from her that I have tried to kept track of, so here you go, quotes from a two-year-old:

Hearing footsteps upstairs in our apartment “{gasp} what’s that? {whispers} m o n s t e r s” (Okay, I taught her this one).

Pulling a stool out she yells to me “Daddy, I can’t reach the sky!”

Walking outside “Cold go away!” {chants} Go away, go away, go away” (The rest of the way home).

As I am carrying her and I ask her if she wants to get down and walk or run, she answers with “No, it’s hard for me on the ground.”

At thanksgiving meal she states about the gravy “I want more soup on my tatoes.”

Putting her down to bed at night she declares “I want to sleep in daddy’s bed!”

She calls family devotions time… “oceans time” (I think she really was confused about this at first thinking it really had something to do with the ocean).

All the previous ones are recent, but here is an old one that I still think is funny:

After several ours on the flight to China she stands up and says “Airplane all done!”(We still had long way to go).

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  1. Stacey

    She is so precious! What little ones say. Think it is great that you are keeping up with all that she says. Give that sweet baby love for me! =)


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