Language Evaluation | Month 3

1)The first part of the month went really well, but the second part of the month didn’t go as well in the area of language studies due to the holidays, lack of child care, sickness, etc.

2) Sermons. I started preparing small sermons (five sentences, a verse, and prayer) got them corrected, tried to memorize them through out the week and then tried to “preach” them to others.

3)Announcements! During this month I started giving the announcements at church in Chinese. This was my first time trying to speak to a group of people all in Chinese. I was extremely nervous the first time but really enjoyed it. This puts pressure on me every week to:

-Have the Chinese text prepared correctly. (Usually my teacher gives me the announcements and we go from there.)

-Memorize the text correctly and most accurately with a deadline.

-Perform the text in an environment that I need to be comfortable with.

4) Devotions. I tried to do my devotions in Chinese for a few days, but reverted back to just English because of the amount of time it took just to get through a single verse (translating) and still minimal understanding (sentence structure). I hope to pick this up more full time in the Fourth Month.

5) Tones are slowly improving and still a work in progress.

2 thoughts on “Language Evaluation | Month 3

  1. David Gates

    Keep up the hard work!! You deeply encourage me! God is using you to touch lives and me to work harder in language. God Bless

    1. Mark (China Ramblings!) Post author

      You are doing way better than me! Keep up the good work. I am just trying to keep up with how fast you are learning Arabic. Every time I talk to you, you are telling a new taxi driver that “Jesus is Lord!” Praise God for you!


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