Weekly Mind Dump

• I have had a lot of things to write about lately but can’t seem to find the time to get them all written down.

• Sickness. I was sick with the flu or something of the like for about a week. I still have a deep cough but I am back at full steam. I seemed to pass some of it on to my family but they ended up not getting as bad as me. Please pray for our health.• On New Years day we had an officer who is acquainted with our family come over for a visit. He wanted to bring us a card from the police station for the New year, give my daughter some stuffed animals for Christmas and he wanted to talk to us about some other things. Anyways, I thought I would give him a Bible in return and an apple. He refused the Bible and said “I understand you, but I joined the communist party and that is what I believe.” Pray for his heart to be humbled and that we could share the Gospel with him.

• My wife is blogging again! She is going to start to write more. Let me encourage you to visit and sign up for her blog at An Amazing Journey.

• January 1st marked 6 years since I surrendered to go to China. It has been an awesome journey since then and I am excited to finally be here learning the Chinese language. “What did it take to get you there? What did you do over those 6 years?” Good questions for another blog post, but mainly it can be summed up in one word “training.”

• Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers!

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