Do you get it?

Do you get it? No, no, no, I mean do you really get it?! It seems that it is so easy for people to jump head first into the ministry and never know what they are suppose to do or what is expected of them. Of course they learn a few terms and an exciting way to state their goals, but they just don’t really get it.

I have even seen this in my own life. We know what to say and how to say it, but many times we just don’t get it. Slogans are great! Using key words to keep the right philosophy in front of you is great as well. But the philosophy needs to sink deep inside you. The goals that we can so easily quote should become a part of who we are…through the proper training.

For anyone in the ministry our goals most likely have to do with evangelism, discipleship, training, church planting etc. But if any of the above are truly part of your goals, and you really “get it” then it completely alters your life.

It is so much more than knowing the key words. It is so easy to through out the term “I want to reach the world” and know nothing of what that looks like. It is so easy to say “I want to plant a church” or “I want to be a missionary” and not know what the first step is. So do we look for advice on how to take the first step? Many don’t and they step out into ignorance (not to be confused with stepping out by faith).

We live like their is a magical thing that happens just because we use the right terms and say that we are willingly to do it. But yet we never do anything or make steps in the right direction to “really get it.”

One of the things that help me “get it” (or in the processes of getting it) was having a mentor. A mentor who treats me like a son and through hours and hours of teaching, years and years of saying the same thing and doing the same things over and over again, I finally caught on to what I am suppose to do. Terms became more than terms, and the way I desire to do ministry is completely affected because now “I get it.”

Ok here is what I mean, you say you are going to do “x” but have you ever done it? Do you have a real plan to do it? Do you know someone who can tell you how to do it? Are you willing to humble yourself and be a learner? Or are you out there on your own just expecting it to happen and using really cool words to describe what you should be doing?

Yea, this is kind of a rant, but seriously, “do you get it?”

2 thoughts on “Do you get it?

  1. Hannah

    Thank you so much for this “Do you get it” It has really made me think and wake up about getting what I am doing and what I should and want to do for the Lord.

  2. JBagwell

    I very much appreciate the article, Mark. What you are describing requires a change, and I believe part of the picture is figuring out what that change looks like in our lives. It is not about “doing something” for a while and letting it go when our interest and motivation fades, it is about committing to a concrete change we can describe like a picture, and a motivation that does not fade because of a calling and purpose much greater than ourselves.


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