-33! Yikes!

As I checked the temperature online this morning before heading out to school I saw that it was -33 F outside! Yikes! Then after I got home this afternoon it was -15 F. This makes for a really cold day, as you can imagine.

Usually, we can tell that it is colder outside than usual because our house isn’t as hot as it usually is (we can’t control the heat so it is always on). Many times we have to open the windows to cool down the house, but not today.

Also, when you first walk outside it doesn’t feel to bad (if you are dressed for the cold) and you think to yourself, “I can handle this” but on days like today you just don’t get that feeling (a.k.a. more layers needed…or something).

Another thing I have noticed, since we got our car, is the difference between parking inside the garage and outside the garage. We have a single car heated garage, so the car starts up and runs great in the mornings. It is nice, toasty and makes for a great morning. But after language school, when the car is sitting outside for four hours or more..it is like getting into an ice box. And it also needs a little warming up to run smoothly.

After language school today, we went to a nearby shopping center and inside the building you could see your breath. Even those behind the jewelry counters were wearing their coats to keep warm! Crazy!

Anyways, I thought I would give you a little insight into the cold weather, not that I know too much about it, because on days like today, you just try to stay inside!

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