Hong Kong & Shenzhen

We returned on Wednesday from a seven day trip to Hong Kong. We needed to cross the border again and decided to defrost a little bit as well, so we went south. Hong Kong definitely is an incredible place. We were able to see the city, take a break with family and do some touristy things, as well as, cross over into Shenzhen, a city in southern China. Here are a few quick thoughts:

Hong Kong

  • It seemed to be a first class city, well organized, built in multi levels and tiers, and lots of freedom.
  • They spoke Cantonese and many spoke British English.
  • The city seemed to be mixed in culture, language, and religion.
  • It is a city that many base their outreach into the mainland from.
  • Even with tons of religious freedom there still seemed to be a great need of the Gospel.


  • Crossing the border from HK to China was extremely simple.
  • I was surprised a little that they spoke Mandarin instead if Cantonese, at least from what I understood. (I am sure there is a mix.)
  • It was obvious you were back in the mainland when entering Shenzhen.
  • We only visited the city for an afternoon, but it felt very much like China, just warmer, cleaner, and more tropical than we are use to up north.
  • It is a large, growing and developing city…which means we need more churches and missionaries there.

There are some quick thoughts and for the rest I am going to link to an article that my colleague wrote after recently returning from his trip there: Hong Kong the Populous.

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