Picking a Country

“How do you know what country to go to?” This question has been asked countless times by those who are interested in missions. I found these four quick points on my computer that I must have jotted down awhile back. This isn’t a complicated or a comprehensive answer, just some thoughts to consider.

  1. Don’t worry about it and stop trying to pick a place.
  2. Let God lead – Be willing to go where ever He wants you to go. (Don’t base it solely on you language ability, the culture you like, background, and/or wife’s nationality.)
  3. If you knew where He wanted you to go today, how would it change tomorrow? (It most likely wouldn’t because you still need training.)
  4. Pray about it. Ask God where He wants you to go and ask Him to tell you where when you need to know. Then believe He will tell you when you need to know.

And let me add this, while you are trying to figure out where to go…get busy and get training.

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