The Graveyard (Part 2)

An interesting part of the graveyard was the section that represented people and their accomplishments in life. I am sure many of these graves represented leaders in their day that made a noticeable difference. You could tell this by their gravestones. They were generally large statues carved into something that seemed to represent what they did with their life. Many seemed to be authors as they would have books and pens. Others seemed to be great military leaders, politicians or teachers.

But they (like all men do) had a date death. When this is considered the only thing that truly matters is: did you bow the knee to the true and living God? And next, what did you do with your life? The second one doesn’t matter if the first once isn’t a reality. But if you are a Christian and you know you have a date with death, then what are you doing with your life?

What would a statue on your grave be created to represent? What would be written on your gravestone?

Would it represent a life lived completely sold out for the glory of God?

Consider your life…

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