Things that are different (Part 3)

  • Having Christmas with the family over Skype.
  • Having your mouth go numb! There is a spice that they use here that actually causes your mouth to go numb. But not completely numb because you can still feel the spiciness of the food. It is a weird feeling no doubt
  • Spitting! Chinese people spit. Anywhere. Everywhere.
  • Ice & Snow Sculptures. Because our part of the world is cold they carve giant sculptures of all kinds out of ice and snow all around the city.
  • Neons Lights! I am not sure about this but they have decked out the main road by our house with tons of neon lights. There doesn’t really seem to be a theme to the madness, just a bunch of colorful neon lights all over the place.
  • Driving on Ice! It can be scary. Cars are always getting stuck. Traffic must drive slow. Black ice is everywhere. Tires are constantly spinning.
  • Foreigners. Foreigners, especially white and black people sticking out of the crowd instead of the other way around.
  • Classical Music…when stores are closing. It may seem kind of weird but when it is closing time in most of the malls and big grocery stores they play classic music. So every time your hear Kenny G you know you better hurry up.
  • Discounts work the opposite. When you see a 90% discount on the tag of an item it doesn’t mean that it is 90% off, it means it cost 90% of the original price. (Example: if something is $10 with a 90% discount then it will cost $9 not $1)
  • Reverse expiration dates. Instead of the date on food being the date it expires, it usually represents the date it was packaged.
  • Different ways to look at labels, for example when you look on a label “calories” is translated as “energy.”

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