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We were driving home the other night and my wife wanted to drive around to look at the lights. So I decided to take a rough road near our house. I had been down it before because of the police station being there, but that isn’t very far down the road. I knew the road led out of the city and into the poorer parts of town. We drove one way for about 45 minutes before turning around. The lights were neat and it seemed that everyone had “red lanterns” hanging out. One of the things that caught our attention before we turned around was a cross. There was a cross lit up! “That is bizarre!“ I thought. So we try to pull into the place but the gate was closed. We figured it must be a government church and went on our way.

The next day I went back. I drove up and did the usual “look confused and lost until someone comes to ask you if you need help” and it worked. An old man (65) appeared from a small building and I ask him if the place is a church. He said it was and then I tried to inquire about the service times. After some conversation he invited me inside and I was able to practice me Chinese with him.

I ask to see the church building and he let me in to see it. After running out of things to say (which doesn’t take me long) I decided to go and return on Wednesday morning for the 8:00 AM service (we were still on break from language school). I left being excited about finding another place that I could at practice my Chinese and wanting to know more about the church.

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3 thoughts on “An Interesting Find…

  1. John Shifflett

    I just wanted to let you know that our church Fellowship Baptist in Madison, VA is praying with and for your family.

    My wife and I have two children from China and have been there twice. It is much different from America.

    We follow your blog and read it often on Missions time on Sunday nights. We are have our Missions Conference in two weeks keep us in prayer as well. God bless.

    John Shifflett

  2. Eugene

    Hello John Shifflett,

    Interesting coincidence! My grandmother Mabel was a Shifflett from near Elkton, Virginia. My father Laban has done tons of genealogical studies of the Shifflett family in that area. Maybe we’re related :-)

    I have lived in China myself for nearly 8 years and until she passed away in 2009, my grandmother was our biggest prayer supporter. Prayer for missions/missionaries must run in the family! :-)



  3. Mark (China Ramblings!) Post author

    John: Thanks for letting us know that your Church is praying for us. We are thankful and humbled. If you ever take another trip to China, let me know. I hope our blog is encouraging, insightful, and helps you know how to pray better.

    Eugene: That would be neat!


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