An Interesting Observation…

I wrote down some observations that I had about the church. I can’t understand everything that is going on, so I can’t answer questions to the end of “do they preach the Gospel or not?” Since my language limits the most important part needed to know about a church, “are they teaching the truths of God’s word,” you will just have to read my observations mainly from sight.

  • There were 4 people in leadership and they were all women.
  • All of the ushers were women.
  • The majority of the people in attendance were women.
  • There was about 6 rows of men! Wow! This is the most men that I have seen in a government church (assuming that is what this is).
  • Everyone seemed to have Bibles and Hymn books.
  • I was able to buy a Bible and Hymn book for RMB28 ($4.15).
  • There was only one instrument in the church, a piano.
  • Out of all the people there (estimate 300-400), I only noticed a couple kids.
  • The service started 10 minutes late.
  • The auditorium was only 1/4 full when they started and over 3/4 full by the end.
  • Big and very nice building.
  • There seemed to be no fear in meeting and the ushers stayed on watch the whole time.
  • No noticeable video cameras (odd).
  • From these characteristics of the church, it seems to be a government church.

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