An Interesting List of Questions…

There is a wide range of opinions on the government churches. There are those that completely reject the churches and others that completely accept it. I am not attempting to address all the problems but did think of some questions as I have been observing these churches:

  • Can the Gospel be openly preached without restriction?
  • Can we support a church that is under the control of a communist government?
  • Does the church allow or encourage children in the services? If not, can we support that?
  • Can the church openly preach the entire Word of God without restriction? If not, what parts are restricted and can we support that?
  • Are the churches giving in on their Christian beliefs so the government will provide them with nice and new buildings, in which they couldn’t afford otherwise?
  • If the government has allowed these churches and given them approval, then why? What is their ulterior motive? Control the Christians? Signs of Religious Freedom? Good Luck Charm?

I think these questions and many more need to be answered when dealing with the government churches. Despite how you answer those questions, I have one final thought that we can’t ignore: if the government has a controlling hand over these churches then we can not leave the responsibility to evangelize China in the hands of the government. You can’t expect the world to do the job of the church. The carnal to do the work of the spiritual. Just because these “churches” are Chinese doesn’t mean that we leave the decision in their hands to what, when, where, and how the rest of the 1 billion people in China get to hear the gospel. We in spite of our nationality have a responsibility because we are in the Body of Christ, to reach all peoples, in all places, all the time. The commission wasn’t reach your own, it was reach everyone.

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1 thought on “An Interesting List of Questions…

  1. David Gates

    I praise God that we have the indwelling Christ and His authority to preach the Gospel. He did not assign governments and their agencies to complete His task. He told us to go and He is with us.


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