More Quotes from Our Two/Four-Year-Old

In China they count your age a little bit differently. When you are born, you are 1 not 0. So in China our daughter is four, even though her birthday isn’t until the summer and will be turning three. Whatever her age is, she has gotten the talking gene from her mother and talks up a storm. Her English is quickly expanding. She can also speak and understand some Chinese. We are not fully sure how much because she only likes to speak to us in English. But when she is around kids her age, she will try to speak in Chinese. As her interaction with others increases, she will pick it up quicker. In the meantime, she keeps us laughing. Here are a few more quotes from a two/four-year-old:

  • “Dad, you are my friend, and my dad and my fishes!” Her attempt to get me to play with her and it worked!
  • Spicy, I don’t like spicy” she declared about her applesauce. We thought she was trying to get out of eating her applesauce since applesauce is obviously not spicy but sweet. We told her it isn’t spicy but sweet, thinking she mixed up her words and made her to start eating it. As she was eating it she made weird faces and declared “it’s spicy!” I reached over and grabbed her fork and tried it for myself, WOW! it was spicy. Spiced with fermentation. Yuck! I guess it was well passed the “use in ten days from opening mark” not to mention the crack in the lid. It tasted horrible and my daughter was right, it was spicy!
  • “eeooooHHH big green dirts” she yelled describing seeing the mountains in Honk Kong (we have no mountains in our city life and no green during the long winter). “Yep, those are mountains” I said. “That’s dirty!” she said.
  • We were at a church and a Chinese lady ask her in Chinese “Can you speak Chinese?” My daughter responded by shaking her head no. Then the lady asked her in Chinese, “So you can’t speak Chinese?” Then my daughter responded by shaking her head yes. I think she understood the questions.

3 thoughts on “More Quotes from Our Two/Four-Year-Old

  1. stephen

    Hey Mark who cuts your hair over there
    and what is your favorite soap and deodrant. Do the Chinese have mamy toliteries. Well you know’
    Hows your Mandarin coming?

    1. Mark (China Ramblings!) Post author

      I get my haircut at the little whole in the wall. As for favorite soap and deodorant, not sure, whatever my wife buys. Mamy toliteries….ummm….unsure. My Mandarin is coming along nice and slowly :)

  2. Shirley Beaveer

    Kids are adorable at that age, enjoy it while you can.
    Thanks for all the info about your ministry.
    I pray for you as I read about you.
    Shirley Beaver, God Bless You All.


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