Language Evaluation | Month 5

1) Moving Forward! This past month was encouraging as we started classes back after our break. Things finally started sticking and understanding the lessons seemed much easier for me. It was like things just started clicking into place (after the hundreds of hours of repetition and drilling.)

2) Reading. I started putting more focus on reading in Chinese this month. The books are very simple and are on my level or just a little higher. I try to read through the pages with a Chinese person to make sure I am getting the right understanding as well as having someone there to ask about the words I don’t know yet. This has helped with vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

3) Grammar. I have read one basic book on Chinese grammar but I have started reading through a more comprehensive one. I find this to be important because Chinese grammar is so different from English. I might understand all the words in a sentence and yet have no idea what it means. Also, translating sentences has helped me remember words and how to use the right grammar.

4) More Focus. I need to put more focus on speaking (being able to make sentences quickly) and listening (understanding what is said to me). Listening with understanding seems to be coming along the slowest at this point.

5) Hard Work! The upcoming months are going to take a lot of work. We need to make sure to stay on track, keep focused, and not give in to being “burnt out.” The next seven months are crucial. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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