Sunday’s Service

We had a great day Sunday! As many of you who have been following our updates, you know that Sunday was a big day for the ministry here. We had a great service, everything went smooth and we were excited to have a few visitors.

What is so different? Here are some of the bold steps the church has been making:

  • On Monday and Tuesday the church passed out about 1,000 invitations & tracts to the neighborhood. We tried to hit every door in the neighborhood.
  • Renting a daycare on Sunday morning because we need more space. The church rented one big room and openly had service.
  • This Sunday was the first week for Sunday school. The church is excited about reaching all age groups!
  • As people walked by the church many looked in to see what was going on. There were greeters at the door inviting them to come in. After the service, and throughout the week, the church members gave out business cards with the churches information, inviting people in person to come visit the church.

Continue to pray in the weeks ahead as the church seeks to evangelize the following neighborhoods and communities.


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