Blessed with a Great Team!

When we left for China there was a lot of anticipation about what we were going to find when we got here. We wondered about the different people we were going to meet and the team that we were going to work with. We chose to work with another missionary family for at least the first two years. They had the same type of training we did. They were already on the field, learned the the language, and had a work going. All of our anticipation has been been put to rest and we can say that we are truly BLESSED to work with the team that we are!

This missionary family has been great! I don’t think we could of asked for a better family to help us in this period of our ministry. From preparing to come to China and then once we arrived on the field, they have been a huge help to us. They helped us find our apartment, buy all of our things, translate for us, and show us the ropes. Now they are helping and encouraging us as we are learning Chinese.

I can truly say they have been selfless, caring, understanding, insightful, helpful, accountable, and loving.

Not only did we find a amazing missionary family to work with, but we found an amazing Church. A Church family that acted like their leaders and showed the same characteristics. They helped us with much of the same especially as we are learning their language and culture.

All around we are blessed with a great team. Praise the Lord!

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