Culture Shock (3 of 3)

So How Do You Deal With Culture Shock?

I definitely don’t have all the answer and there are plenty of books to read on the subject, but here are a few thing that have helped us.

First, realize that if you are “suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes” that culture shock is is coming your way. Know that it happens and you, most likely, are not immune to it.

Second, have the right foundation, mindset, and focus. Look to Christ and trust in the Lord. I am constantly finding myself relying on God more and less on myself as I try to adapt to the culture and language. You have to be in the Word, it is your foundation. You have to watch what you think and not let the wrong thoughts sneak in. Keep thinking on the right thoughts. Keep your focus, “In the Lord Put I my Trust!”

Third, be accountable, take a rest, and keep moving forward. Have a team of people, a mentor, and people that can help you and keep you accountable. People that will encourage you and speak straight with you. Also, take a rest and do some things that are “familiar” but don’t stay there. Move forward and with every step the alien culture starts to become your culture and not so strange.

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