“Open Church” This Weekend at 10!

We had another great Sunday! There were a few new visitors and it is exciting to see the Lord work. One of the best way to describe the changes over the past couple weeks is comparing it to an “open house” but for the church, and having it every week. An open house “is an event held at an institution where its doors are open to the general public to allow people to have a look around it in order to gain information on it (wikipedia).” We desire to invite and open our doors to the general public that they may gain information about the glorious Lord Jesus Christ and know of His redemptive work on the Cross.

Here are some quick thoughts from this past week:

  • We continued going door-to-door putting out information from the church.
  • This week we included a sermon series flyer!
  • We staple all the information together and then hang it on the door or doorway with a piece of tape.
  • The packet usually includes a flyer about the church or sermon series, a business card with a map of the church location, email address, phone number, and basic info. Also, we include a gospel tract of of some sort.
  • Our rented building has a couple windows and glass doors that you can easily see through and see what is going on.
  • People walking by the building can hear the church singing loud and clearly so many of them look inside the windows or door to see what is going on. They just kind of stare as they walk by.
  • The stage is setup right in front of one of the blocked off doors, so you can see the preacher preaching from the street as well.
  • We have a sign, that we haven’t been able to put up yet, but it will allow people who get our information to be able to recognize where our exact location is.

We may not always do things just like this, or even think of something better in the future. But we want to always be bold and open concerning the Gospel. Families are having the gospel delivered to their doorstep and those who are interested have a place where they can “gain information.”

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