Kid’s Festival

We had another awesome weekend. With the help of a short term missions group that is here the church put on a Kid’s Festival. It was very similar to a “Fall Festival” in the states. I had little involvement, due to language studies, but I was able to help pass out flyers the night before and help the day of the festival. Here is what took place:

  • Games & Activities: The group came up with several different games and activities that were inexpensive yet fun! This included face painting, a fishing game, nock-down-the-bottles game, jewelry making, and many more. They we super creative with the games and the children enjoyed all of them.
  • Prizes: All of the kids were given a bag which included a flyer and business card with information about the church. They used this bag to collected the candy they received from each station for participating. They could even win a gold fish!
  • Location: The festival was held in the middle of the plaza of the housing estate where the church is located. So when we told people about the church or they asked, we could simply point to our location.
  • Invitations: They did a great job getting the flyers out before the event. The flyers included the information on one side and a paper-cut-out-craft-thingy on the other side. They passed them out in public, in front of the school as the kids were being released and in the housing estates. The night before we took the rest of the flyers and put them on the front of the main-entrance-doors of the apartment buildings.
  • Play: In the middle of the event the group put on a play as it was narrated in Chinese. Everyone crowded around and seemed to enjoy it.

We had no idea what was going to happen. Would anyone come? Would we get in trouble? As we had these thoughts in the back of our mind we moved forward and the Lord gave us a beautiful day on Saturday. The sun was shining bright the weather though chilly was starting to warm. The team met early at the church to start preparations and setting everything up. The people started coming, and more came, and before we knew it, we had a huge crowd being involved and interacting with the group and church members. Over 150 came out that day! Wow! Many asked about the church and all the children received invitations in their bag.

At the end of the event, everyone had a great spirit and started to clean up. But it wasn’t over. We moved the games inside the daycare where we have the church. After lunch, we put on a smaller version of the festival for the children who attend there. Many of them have some sort of disability.

This was a great day and outreach for the church, it seemed, but would anyone come to church the next day because of it? The neighborhood definitely knows we are here!

Find out what happened in the Next Post: Sunday’s Report.


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