Sunday’s Report

“Ten new kids” is what the missionary and the church asked everyone to pray for. Would ten new kids come after the festival and the many hours of work and prayer? The right processes were put into play and all we could do is leave the product in the Lord’s hands.

As Sunday school started there were about 6 news kids that had come and even some of their parents too! Then as Sunday school was well under way a group of 4 more kids came in the church. The children’s classes are in another building, so I walked them over to the other building. As I was walking back, I saw a lady walking with 4 kids behind her. It seemed kind of weird to me so I kept glancing back and then they all started waving to me. (I guess it was obvious who I was since I was a white guy in a suite.) They were all wanting to come to church, as well, so I showed them to the children’s class.

All-in-all the Church’s attendance was up by about 30 compared to the past two weeks! The church had over 10 new kids and a lot of new moms, dads, and grandparents. The Gospel was preached! Amen!

Pray for our progress in the language so that we can be more of a help and be more involved in this exciting work. Watching all God is doing is exciting but I want to be in there fully sharing the Gospel as well (in Chinese)!

Another note is that over the past three weeks the offerings have been good! People are really giving and it is exciting to watch them take on this responsibly and give with a cheerful heart!

Thanks for praying!

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