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Fearful Thoughts About Coming to China

Before coming to China, we heard a lot about what life should be like in China. We were in Churches that never heard of a missionary to China to churches that supported several missionaries to China. We met people who had friends or family living in China and people who had just read stories on the internet about China. We also met people who had served and lived in China themselves. Everyone’s experience relating to China and how they viewed the current situation varied, therefore we received encouraging and yet not so encouraging news about our plans to move to this country.

One of the encouraging times was when a previous missionaries to China took me out to dinner and shared his story with me. He shared of his struggles and how God brought them through. He shared of the victories of how He was used of God to lead several to Christ. He then offered a helping hand through prayer with understanding of what we were about to enter in the months ahead. They were really a blessing to me. But not everyone was like that!

A lot of the time when people spoke to us about China it would cause fear to come knocking on the door. It was a battle I had to learn to deal with over the next several months (I am thankful for a pastor and mentor who helped me keep the right focus).

I first met opposition when I called pastors to book meetings. Some pastor’s would tell me crazy stories they heard about China. They seemed to”know” about China and unwilling to learn about China. Here are some of the oppositions:

  • A pastor told me I couldn’t do what I was claiming, he even called to ask friends, he wasn’t comfortable having us in because of it.
  • A pastor told me that I can’t…(be a church planter in China).
  • A pastor told me they can’t support a missionary to China because it is against the government and you have to lie to get into the country.
  • A pastor told me that I was too open on the internet and there was no way the government would let me into the country once I got to the border.

But it wasn’t just from pastor’s over the phone. It came from many other people, people we met in person, over email, on Facebook, or random phone calls. They would tell us:

  • Don’t be open on the internet, use Facebook, or anything like that.
  • Make sure your name doesn’t show up in google, especially with anything religious or about China.
  • Don’t use Skype in China because they screen your calls and know what you’re saying.
  • Don’t download anything on Chinese servers because they all include spyware.
  • Your telephones are tapped in China so you have to be careful what you say.
  • Speak in code words, don’t openly talk about the ministry.
  • People follow you around and will constantly be watching you.
  • Be careful what you write in emails because they are scanned by the government.

When people are constantly telling you things like this, it begins to cause fear to set in. When your life is going to be under complete surveillance, it causes you to act and think differently. Especially when the next thing happens…

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9 thoughts on ““We’re missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.” (1 of 4)

  1. mitch tillman

    We like your blog. It is funny how we missionaries have the same thoughts and ideas. My are still the same after almost 9 years in Mongolia. Hang in there. The rewards for those of us who answer the call are amazing. You will see.

  2. stephen

    God keeps us no matter where we are even in the country of papua new guinea where I walked 9 hours into a snake infested tribal area

  3. Joseph Pitts

    I praise the Lord for what you and your family are doing. I am praying for you constantly and I am excited about the good things the Lord do.

  4. Diane

    Prayers going up for your ministry, When God has a job for you to do he will open doors, hold back the waters, destroy the enemy under your feet and always uphold his annointed ones, If God has called you to do his work he will make the impossible/ POSSIBLE, you can do all things through Christ always, and if need be he will speak through a bush, a donkey, put mud in the blinds eye, put a coin in the mouth of a fish, whatever is needed he will do, his will- will come through. Keep up the good work. You are doing what alot of us would love to do but God has not called us he’s called you. Praise God for his annointing being on you.

  5. Kathleen Rictor

    Hi…my sister and husband send me your emails …the Hortons ..they help support you …or the mission does. I am glad you are following what God wants you to do. Our parents were missionaries and when we were able to get back to the interior God answered prayer and we were able to go back there though it was not OKeyed. I read about the fears that folks had told you and we had fears also because of what happened when one of our friends brought up on the missionfield also had problems But God saw us through and God allowed us to meet some that knew our parents …what a blessing that was …..so like the Lord …….one man told my sister and brother he never knew he would see us this side of heaven. He did no know my older brother and I as my parents were working in another town before they were born. So keep on keeping on and God bless.

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